Office Property Financing

 CommercialLoanMLS arranges office property financing nationwide, including long-term permanent financing and short-term bridge loans. In today's lending environment, many office property owners are finding it harder to secure office financing, compared to multifamily properties. We help our clients secure office property loans through our expansive network of 800+ lenders. We provide our clients more options, updated lending guidelines, and competitive terms, through one single point of contact.

Office Property Rates

Office property permanent loan rates are typically based off the 6-Month LIBOR. Bridge financing is based off the Federal Prime Rate. While many institutional lenders have tightened their office property guidelines, we are seeing an influx in office property loan requests, given the low market rates currently available. We know who is lending, saving our clients time, and money.

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Structuring Your Office Property Loan

CommercialLoanMLS will underwrite your loan across multiple lenders simultaneously. We will structure the right loan for you based upon your short and long-term plans for the property. Common permanent loan programs include the 5-year fixed loan, 7-year, and 10-year, typically with 30 year amortization. Permanent office property rates are hovering at 3.4% to 3.875% above the 6-month libor. Our bridge loans are usually 12 to 18 month interest only loans, with rates between 8.99% and 9.99%.


CommercialLoanMLS utilizes the leading online commercial loan marketplace with the largest network of institutional and private lenders nationwide. Loans are originated, processed, underwritten, packaged, then listed for lenders to review and submit offers to fund.


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